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wearenerds's Journal

i like video games
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we like music.
we're also nerds.
and we like talking about both.
!!!, 33s, 45s, a luna red, a silver mt. zion, a trillion barnacle lapse, ache records, add n to (x), adult swim, adult., against me!, akira, arcades, art, astronomy, audion, battletoads, books lie, bowzer, bratmobile, bright eyes, captain planet, chrono trigger, classical music, coheed and cambria, combatwoundedveteran, computer games, computers, cowboy bebop, dance dance revolution, dance disaster movement, dancing, day of the tentacle, death from above, double dragon, doug, duck hunt, e3, earthbound, english, fantasy novels, femme fatale, final fantasy, from autumn to ashes, gogol bordello, grand theft auto, grim fandango, hair, hint hint, home movies, hot hot heat, housemartins, i am spoonbender, i hate myself, indie, indie rock, jud jud, king koopa, lan parties, le tigre, liars, lightning bolt, luigi, maniac mansion, marble madness, mario, mario teaches typing, math, mclusky, minibosses, mixtapes, music lessons, native nod, new wave, nicktoons, ninja gaiden, nintendo, nwa, old school nintendo, old school video games, opera, operation makeout, orchid, out hud, paperboy, pere ubu, pete and pete, photography, physics, pinball, polysics, pretty girls make graves, prince of persia, q and not u, reading, records, reversal of man, sam and max, scene creamers, school, sci-fi, sci-fi channel, science, sega, shigeru miyamoto, shy guys, sim city, soledad brothers, sonic the hedgehog, sound virus, street fighter, studying, super mario brothers, super nintendo entertainment system, takashi miike, tekken, tem eyos ki, tetris, the cinema eye, the cure, the faint, the flaming sideburns, the internet, the kills, the legend of zelda, the locust, the make-up, the rapture, the red light sting, the red scare, the sick lipstick, the simpsons, the sims, the smiths, the stooges, the van pelt, tokyo sex destruction, true north, uniforms, vice city, video games, website design, whirlwind heat, will wright, wolves, world inferno friendship society, writing, xiu xiu, yeah yeah yeahs, zork